We Successfully Completed the Project on the Development of youth policies in combating drug addiction.

The project titled "Development of youth policies in combating drug addiction" took place in Beyoğlu Teacher's House in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul between 24-29 September 2017.

The two main reasons for our project are that substance addiction rates are increasing in our country and in the world and the age of starting to use drugs is getting younger. As it is known, substance addiction damages the person, his family and the community on psychological, sociological and economic area. When substance dependence is taken at a certain dose, it affects the nervous system of the person and disrupts the mental, physical and psychological balance of the person and creates social and economic depression in the society by creating addiction.

Substance addiction poses a social threat to our country. In this respect, it was aimed to combat substance dependence and to develop preventive policy. Through the project, young people from different provinces of Turkey brought together with decision-makers. Within the scope of the project, the studies on drug addiction and struggle were evaluated, contributed to increase cooperation opportunities among local institutions and Report on Struggle with Substance Abuse was prepared with the contribution of young people.After the data survey and decision-making meetings on the following topics were carried out, the reports prepared by the groups were presented.

  • Studies in Combating Drug Addiction
  • Plans to Combat Substance Addiction Studies
  • Holistic view of fighting against addiction
  • Building Awareness in Mental Health by Substance Addiction, Community Education
  • Institutional Approach to Combating Drug Addiction
  • Integrated Approach to Combating Substance Abuse - Cooperation between Institutions and NGOs

Our project partner, Beyoğlu District National Education Directorate, actively played the role of the invitation of decision-makers.

  • District Governor of Beyoğlu, Savaş ÜNLÜ
  • Beyoğlu District National Education Director, Cemil SARICI,
  • Yeşilay Former Chairman Muharrem BALCI
  • Yeşilay Expert Psychologist Gizem DEĞİRMENCİ
  • Clinical Psychologist Ramazan AYDIN
  • Child and Teenager Psychiatrist, Specialist Doctor Veysi ÇERİ

Decision makers and experts conducted reports on the topic titles mentioned above and then prepared reports on 6 related topic titles in small groups. During these sessions, teams will be expected to work for 2 hours with a group of 10 people and eventually each group topic is shared with other groups. In these activities, the participants were in the center of research and learning.


Within the framework of the project, training and seminars were also given using non-formal learning methods in order for the participants to become conscious active individuals about substance addiction.


  • Validity Access and Analysis Methods Training
  • "What is addiction?" Seminar - Reasons why young people are addicted today
  • How should we treat dependent individuals?
  • Methods of combating addiction
  • Problem-solving techniques and techniques for developing safe behaviour
  • Introducing Youthpass and Erasmus +


Participants obtained information using sources such as TURKSTAT, Eurostat and OECD and used it in reporting.

The young people participating in the national meeting have developed communication and problem-solving abilities. It has also contributed to the development of self-confidence and success in social and economic life.
The main issue to be addressed in our project is substance dependency, and the fact that this issue will be discussed with young people supports young people to take an active role in democratic life.

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