Youth Hands in Hands for Combating Drug and Substance Abuse

The project‘‘Youth Hands in Hands for Combating Drug and Substance Abuse’ which is under Structured Dialogue: meetings between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth. The project starts on 1 May 2018 and finishes on 31st of January 2019.

The project contains 4 main activities. 3 of these activities will take place in Istanbul, Turkey and one of the activities will be implemented in Frankfurt, Germany.
The activities are Launching and Awareness-raising meeting, Exchanging good practices, Youth Hands in Hands Report Workshop and Dissemination and Awareness-raising meeting.

The first event of the project The Project Presentation and Awareness Building Conference will take place on 15 May 2018 in Beyoğlu Istanbul.

The project ‘Youth Hands in Hands for Combating Drug and Substance Abuse‘ is developed with cooperation of 3 national and 8 transnational partners.The general aim of the project is to develop youth policy to combat against drug and substance abuse from the perspective of young people contribution by experts and decision makers.These countries are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Turkey.

140 young people who are defined above will come up together with decision-makers and experts in Launching and Awareness-raising meeting and Dissemination and Awareness-raising meeting 58 young people, experts and decision-makers come up together to develop youth policy fight against drug and substance abuse.
The framework of the report and the training materials will be shared as an output of to project in order to have follow up effect in local communities.
The report is a snapshot of the European drug and substance abuse situation based on the latest available information from EU monitoring activities will be prepared during the "Youth Hands in Hands for Combating Drug and Substance Abuse".
The seminars and training will be run during the project and also Youth Policy Report will be prepared with contributions of participants and decision makers. The participants will develop their active participation skill; they will be more active in their society during the Youth Hands in Hands Report Workshop

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